PressBox 812 Sports was established with the goal to be a trusted source for local sports coverage within Southwestern Indiana. Readers can expect to find fresh content in the form of game previews, live game coverage, feature stories, local rankings and occasional guest columnists.


We believe that local sports deserve the same high-quality writing and coverage that their national counterparts have always received. With a local, full-time, dedicated staff with a wealth of experience, fans in Southern Indiana and Eastern Illinois can count on PressBox 812 Sports for in-depth reports that offer real insights from all your favorite teams. The staff at PressBox 812 Sports is committed to giving readers more than just a boxscore.


Here at PressBox 812 Sports, we have an extensive background in sports journalism. Our publisher has been covering local sports for 17 years and has been recognized by the Associated Press In Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, winning numerous awards. However, we’re passionate about building a community. We love to hear suggestions from our readers to see what they want more of! If you have photos, information or tips, feel free to get in touch with us! We also love to keep in touch on social media. We value our subscribers so much and know this kind of coverage would not be possible without your support, which is why we offer monthly promotions! Keep your eyes peeled.


If you’re looking for local coverage with substance that doesn’t get bogged down with clickbait and pop-ups, why not join the PressBox 812 Sports community today? We’re an experienced team with a passion and dedication to bringing national-caliber coverage to local sports. Whether it’s high school, college or any in-between or outside, we can give you the best in baseball, basketball, football, softball and any other event played in the area.

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